Data Viewer

The Ag Essentials File Exchange is an easy way to transfer your important farm data files securely to your agronomist. An account setup is required to access this service. Contact Ag Essentials today if you are interested in setting up an account.

Instructions on Data Viewer


Click on the LOGIN button on the right hand side of this page, and enter your credentials. This will take you to a folder to supply your files to us. If we have posted files for you, they will be in the same folder.

Uploading Files

After logging in, click on the “Add Files” button. This will pop up a dialog box where you can choose files from your system to upload to our server. The system will notify you when the copy has completed successfully.

Downloading Files
To download a file from our server, click on the gear to the far right of that file’s listing. This will pop up a window which contains a “download” button. When you choose this button, the file will be copied to your downloads folder.